Tee Ball Base Running Drills


Set-up:  Form one line behind home plate. Players will be running from home to 1st as if they had hit the ball. This running drill includes three different drills built into one.  This is a great drill to teach young players the fundamentals of base running, base tagging, running hard, and sliding into bases.  


Base Running Drill – Part #1 – Safe at First Base


On coaches call player will run at full speed toward first base.  They will run through first base attempting to beat a throw. The players should run through the bag stepping on the outside half of the bag to avoid a first baseman, and then veer to the right to stay outside the foul ball line.  After they have run through the base the players will form a new line facing second base.


Base Running Drill – Part #2 - Sliding into Second Base


Now that each player has run through 1st base and is now facing 2nd base.  The players one by one will run toward 2nd base with attempt to beat the throw.  Each player is instructed to slide using proper technique into second base.  The player should focus on when to slide and then focus on staying on the base after the slide.  Coach can call player out or safe depending upon their technique and success at sliding.  Once all players have slid into second base, they should form a new line facing 3rd base.  


Base Running Drill – Part #3 – Making the turn toward Home plate


Each player one by one will run at full speed toward third base. The player will create the proper angle to be able to touch third while turning the corner toward home plate.  While making the turn toward home plate the player should touch third base on the inside corner of the bag.  The player will then finish the run toward home at full speed.  The coach can indicate whether or not they should slide (to miss the tag) or to run hard through the base. 


T Ball Coaches Tips:   Run this base running drill a few times around.  Go ahead and make variations to the drill by adding live throws, calling players out of safe, etc.  You can also make this drill into a game by giving points for successful base running, base tagging, sliding, efforts.