It is important that young baseball players that are just starting learn the fundamentals of baseball.  One of the most basic fundamentals in T Ball is throwing the ball.  Teaching the proper throwing motion is key to teaching kids how to play baseball.

  • Players start by facing the target.
  • The foot of the glove hand should be closer to the target with the foot of the throwing hand back in the stance.
  • Reach back with the throwing-hand with elbow bent;hand up; and wrist straight.
  • Glove hand should be in front of the body (and move forward around the body as the ball is thrown).
  • Once in position to throw the ball, the glove-hand foot should take a step toward the target and the back foot should pivot.
  • Release the ball at the point the arm reaches extended point.
  • After release, the body should bend forward, with the throwing arm following through to the outside of the glove hand knee. The back foot should step forward as the throw is complete leaving players square to the target.
  • It is real important that the player sees the target, gets into proper throwing position, makes the throw toward the target while still keeping eyes on target, then continues with follow through.