Congratulations! You've successfully taught a youngster or group of youngsters to hit the ball on a stand with a bat and run, or as the rest of the world knows it – play tee ball. T-ball is an important step in teaching any child how to play baseball, or teaching them the basics of hand-eye coordination. You're next step is to steal away the t-ball stand and graduate that child to playing actual baseball. This transition can be a tricky one, and depending on the age and attitude of the child, they might not embrace it that quickly. But have no fear, here are some helpful steps to teach your child how to ditch the stand and knock that ball out of the park (or at least past home plate).

1. Have them hit the tee ball with their eyes closed.
Sounds tricky, but if you can get that t-baller to look at the ball, close his/her eyes and then hit it, it teaches them to trust their instincts and improves their motor skills greatly.

2. Measure the height of the t-ball stand with your eyes and pitch them the ball to the exact same spot.
If they can hit the t-ball then there is no reason why they can't hit the baseball if its pitched to the same place where the t-ball sits.

3. Always start off pitching them the ball underhanded.
Overhand pitches can be intimidating, and since the ball actually moves slower during an underhand pitch it allows the child more time to react and hit the ball.

4. Switch off between tee ball and baseball.
The transition between these two sports can be gradual to help the player get comfortable to baseball.

5. Keep encouraging them positively, even when you're instructing them.
Start of comments with statements like, "You're swing is great! Now let's work on your…" If the player can keep a positive mental attitude, they'll progress through the transition much faster.