Tee Ball season is just around the corner. Being prepared for the upcoming tee ball season will increase your chances of a successful and positive baseball experience for the players. We've prepared a quick list of items to help coaches get ready for their youth tee ball season.

The first thing to do is get yourself acquainted with the rules of the game of baseball. Many new and experienced coaches take this for granted just to find out they've made a wrong assumption. So before the baseball season starts, study the rules.

Get to know the league commissioner. This is your advocate for gaininginsight to activities, training, and camps during the year. The baseball league may also provide you with support and guidance during the year regarding practice tips, league rules, and general information regarding baseball. 

Round up your coaching staff. I recommend having at least four committed coaches. There are many aspects of t ball that needs to be taught including hitting, throwing, catching, pitching, fielding, and base running.  Also at this age the attention span for younger players is minimal at best.  Keeping the groups small and moving from drill station to drill station is important. Having enough coaches to assist with keeping the players moving and learning each skill is critical.  

Prepare yourself with detailed youth baseball practice plans and drills.Preparing yourself with practice plans and baseball drills will keep your team moving from drill to drill. Coaches have limited time with players so being efficient and organized will go a long way.  

Secure your practice field. You will need an adequate practice field. Younger players can typically get away with practicing in an open field.  You will need an infield with bases, and an outfield that can is just big enough to hold the players.  Your league in some cases may provide a baseball field for tee ball practices. If not look into your neighborhood association, local elementary schools and even some church facilities. Be sure to work out a practice schedule well in advance of the league play.


Lastly, be sure to reach out to the parents to communicate your goals,expectations of the players, parent participation along with practice and game schedules. Enlist the parents help and keep open lines of communication during the season.

Don't forget to have fun this tee ball season. Having fun comes from learning the game and learning the game comes from the coaches.

Good luck,

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